April 18/19 Enkhuizen – The Sweetest Freedom


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April 18/19 Enkhuizen – The Sweetest Freedom

Here is the first 28-minutes of Tiger's last visit to Enkhuizen, where the weekend was focused on Life, Love, & Healing.

Prepare Your Heart & Mind

This revisit to the Netherlands is going to be a beautiful journey into the nature of Freedom.  Not just any freedom, but the sweetest freedom.  

It’s one thing to “think we are free,” however, if that freedom doesn’t touch a sweetness that adores all of life, then we just might be missing the point of… really being free.  

This weekend, Tiger, in his playful way, will expose the beauty in everything, and how everything is worthy of our deepest love and openness.

In addition to the space of profound insight and wisdom, there will be fantastic food to enjoy with others. 

Whole Weekend: €140 (Sat, Sun)
Saturday All Day: €85
Sunday All Day: €85


12H to 15H
17H to 19H

The freedom to BE passionate.  An opportunity to explore you inner landscape and connect with a passion that truly desires to come alive and be shared with the world.  


This session will look at the nature of passion, in all areas, and see how we contain within ourselves much more passion then we are usually willing to admit or acknowledge.  Seeing beyond these blocks and barriers, will release an energy of loving passion into all areas of your life. 


10H to 13H
15H to 17H

To Forgive Everything, and be Free.  Real freedom, isn’t just about being free yourself.  It requires a willingness to allow all others to be free; first.  

This Sunday exploration, will expose beyond all doubt, just how innocent everyone really is; most importantly, yourself.  If you’ve ever wanted to release any shame, guilt, worry, or self judgment, you’ll definitely want to attend this session as well.   


Any Questions?

About Tiger Singleton

Beyond any pretense and without hype or exaggeration, Tiger goes straight to the heart of the matter.  His passion is to simplify and make accessible an ancient wisdom that exposes the real life opportunity of being human.

His invitation is to genuinely connect with the sincerity of your heart’s desire; not to capture something in the world, but to be still and recognize you are not separate from what you crave.  In this recognition, you can finally be present and enjoy the miracle of what you are.
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