Dance, Enjoy, And Be Free

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Your glow, is it there? Can it be felt radiating through everything you are, or have you given up on the possibility that you truly deserve to shine in this life?

When the sun rises do you feel it ascend from within you, or is it a distant beauty not close to home? Return friend, gently to the gift of what you are.

This Life is a miracle. Maybe the words of this doesn’t mean much, which I understand. It is not the words I’m attempting to communicate here. My attempt is to touch, is to open, is for you to see the real beauty of you. It is not merely to pass along another thought that fades as quickly as it arises.

The invitation is for you to dance, to enjoy, to be free of the mental commentary which might bombard the clarity of the present moment. Where are you? You. The real You. The child inside who simply appreciates the magic of life. Come home.

Bloom. Allow this gift to penetrate your core, and unfold into your most delicate brilliance. Let your heart sing, let the burden fall, and release your soul to be free.

You can. You really can!

How? In the most simple way, be yourself. Follow your heart. Trust the breath that allows you to be here.


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You Can Share this Post Here

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