FEB 28 Denmark – Life, Love, Healing


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FEB 28 Denmark – Life, Love, Healing

Here is a 28-minute exploration into the nature of Life, Love, & Healing. Consider it a beautiful taste of the upcoming weekend in Stockholm.

Prepare Your Heart & Mind

This weekend in CPH, with Tiger, is going to be an intimate gathering of open-hearted life-explorers.  Your heart will melt into the softness joy, and your mind will soften into an open landscape of absolute gratitude.

You are officially invited to join us, and participate in the creation of a fear-shattering weekend.

Whole Weekend: €120 (Fri, Sat, Sun)
Friday Evening: €35​
Saturday All Day: €75
Sunday All Day: €75

19H to 21H

We kick things off with a playful inquiry into the nature of being human.  Tiger will share insight and wisdom that exposes the secret to rapid relaxation and positioning ourselves to receive life’s inherent guidance.  This will be a great introduction that prepares the heart for Saturday and Sunday.


12H to 15H
17H to 19H

Life, Love, & Healing. Exploring Life’s conscious design, to always be pointing us in a direction of allowing for love to expand; while also recognizing in our core, Love’s expansion is the only thing we crave.


11H to 14H
16H to 18H

Awakening through Relationships.  Regardless if we see it or not, our relationship experience is part of this conscious design for Love’s expansion.  Throughout this day, we will explore the many unseen opportunities to allow barriers to fall away, and welcome in a deeper understanding of what, exactly, is going on in all of our relationship experiences.  

Any Questions?

About Tiger Singleton

Beyond any pretense and without hype or exaggeration, Tiger goes straight to the heart of the matter.  His passion is to simplify and make accessible an ancient wisdom that exposes the real life opportunity of being human.

His invitation is to genuinely connect with the sincerity of your heart’s desire; not to capture something in the world, but to be still and recognize you are not separate from what you crave.  In this recognition, you can finally be present and enjoy the miracle of what you are.
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Heart-Centered Life Explorer?

It’s super easy to join our community, and it’s free.  

If you enjoy live video, audio, insightful dialog and discussions, along with sharing or listening to others, you’ll probably fit right in.

Community engagement is on facebook and/or Telegram.  Smart phone and desktop apps where we share resources, tools, and more.  

Fill out this brief form and we will email you the quick details; along with “The Art of Being Guided by Life.”

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Registration Open. Donation Based?