The woman’s advantage in business; intuitive caring

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This is more about the nature of intuitive caring, than it is about the woman’s advantage in business. The advantage is real, however it’s not only available to women; it’s available to both men and women because we all have access to an inner quality that carries a feminine flavour of deep nurturing and caring.

If we desire to authentically connect with other human beings and excel in our business lives, we must be willing to see how this inner quality exists within us all. We all contain the polarity of masculine and feminine within ourselves. To define the feminine as solely in the woman, and vice-versa with the masculine only existing in men, means that we negate parts of ourselves that are waiting to emerge and restore an intrinsic balance to the way we function in the world.

This exploration, is a follow up post to the one I wrote about my recent visit to a barbershop in Lisbon, Portugal. It’s not required reading, however you might enjoy reading it after this. It’s called: Connect Authentically, or Lose Future Business.

Yesterday, I was visiting one of my favourite cafes in Lisbon, The Mill (which I’ve written about here), and was with a playful need to get a haircut. It had been a while, and quite honestly my delay was a consequence of really waiting for the right service provider. Or we could even say, until I intuitively felt moved in the right direction.

As I was enjoying my coffee and avocado mash on toast at the The Mill Cafe, I did a Google search of barbershops within walking distance. I had it set somewhere in my mind that I wanted a real barber (as in a man) to take care of my need for a professional fade and beard trim. However, the urgent need, was to just get my hair cut. It was…getting ridiculous.

Within a two minute walking distance, I found Make It Happen; Hair & Style” on R. Das Gaivotas street; more of a salon than a barbershop. The need of immediate service, outweighed my need to find a barber. So I packed up my laptop and hard drives, and headed in that direction.

On a little side street, almost more of an alleyway, was this tiny door that opened into a small quaint and unsuspecting salon with two smiling women. The door was locked, probably to keep out the wandering panhandlers, but they immediately saw my attempt to enter and promptly opened the door for me.

The Woman’s Advantage in Business

The Woman's Advantage in Business; Intuitive CaringI was greeted by a naturally beautiful young woman, who simply looked like she wasn’t making any effort to be beautiful; as if, it was already done. I love this look by the way; as a side note, the most profound beauty is the beauty that’s already there. Accentuate the beauty that is, rather than trying to create a beauty that you think is lacking.

We playfully attempted with success to communicate my need, as English was not her first language. What I noticed, in retrospect, was her complete availability to look me in my eyes with a deep intuitive desire to understand me as a human being. Now, whether she knew this or not is beside the point, this is just what I saw; what was felt.

The contrast between my experience with her (I believe her name was Ariadne) and with my previous experience with the large barbershop I’ll never return to, was monumental. What was the difference? A deep, intuitive caring from the feminine to the masculine.

Now again, this was my perspective; and understand that this isn’t something you can effort or make happen, it’s something that is allowed from within, because it is seen within. However, not seen with the mind so much, it’s more so how one sees their own heart from their own heart. It’s an natural byproduct, not a trying to make it happen. This is so important.

Authentically Connected

I immediately felt authentically connected to her, because I didn’t feel anything from her that was pushing me away, or attempting to get on with her day and find the next customer. She was completely available to be with me, and share her gift of deep intuitive caring, in the form of cutting my hair. Do you see this? Her product or service, wasn’t so much the cutting of hair, it was authentic connection; and this held space for a service or product to show itself that was in alignment with her heart’s resonance.

As she gently held my head in her hands, I felt a presence within myself that completely relaxed into the moment. This is what I wanted, this is what I was ultimately looking for as a customer. My problem wasn’t that I needed a haircut. My playful problem, was that I wanted to relax while allowing for a playful need to resolve itself. This of course is one of the biggest confusions about sales and service. To think your primary offering is anything other than creating a space for authentic connection, is to completely miss the opportunity of being alive and offering yourself to the world.

Intuitively Nurturing the Masculine

This woman’s advantage in business, was not that she was a physically beautiful woman, it was that she had an inner beauty that deeply cared about the heart and humanness of those she came in contact with. This intuitive caring, that clearly is a feminine quality that desires to nurture life and allow for healing, is within all of us. It’s one end of a polarity that mirrors an opposite that desires to serve, give, and produce results that positively affect the whole.

Owner of “Make It Happen Hair & Style” – Isabel Serra

The masculine and feminine polarity, is no different than an inward and outward breath. Without them both, we die. Withhold the in-breath, or the out-breath, and you will suffocate. This is exactly what’s happening in the personal and professional lives of so many. To feel suffocated, is to feel like you can’t fully breathe; it is not because of any external circumstance, it’s because you are not fully allowing your inner and outer to reflect your deepest heart’s resonance. Again, it’s a matter of being authentically connected to yourself, through radical self honesty and total experiential accountability.

Ariadne was the in-breath, I was the out-breath. She took me in, held space for me, so that I could relax into a space that would allow for an even more grounded out-breath in the way that I would leave her space and continue to share massive amounts of value with the world. However, at the same time, she was her own in-and-out breath, and I was my own in-and-out breath. See this?

The space of authentic connection between two human beings, is a reflection of what’s happening within the individual. There is a great merging that takes place, a cosmic dance where the one dances with the one. We play together, as we discover ourselves within the presence of one another. It’s not a future need for one another, again, its a present moment opportunity that serves solely the present moment discovery.

Advantage for both women and men in Business

This points to the fundamental confusion about relationships that confuses the polarities within us and doesn’t allow for an unhindered flow of the inward and outward breath. For both men and women, the confusion is the same, it’s just painted with different colours on opposite ends of a spectrum. The advantage for both women and men in business, is to clarify within themselves the real opportunity of what they are, to allow for a deeper naturalness, intuitiveness, and powerfulness of what they offer to the world.

It was clear in my previous encounter with the large barbershop in Lisbon, that the point of their breath was to solve a future problem, either in their personal lives or professional lives. This canceled out the real opportunity to authentically connect with the present moment and offer real value to the real issue.

Intuitive Caring; being in the moment

In this experience with Ariadne, at Make It Happen, it was clear that her breath was only happening, so that she could be there doing what she was doing. There wasn’t an energy or frequency of lack, or trying to get to the future. She was there, with me, holding me, feeling me, and tending to the real needs of my humanness. She wasn’t using me, she wasn’t trying to get me to do anything for her.

She was complete in herself, beautiful in herself, and because of this she could totally be present with me. I wish I could adequately describe the sensations I felt as she touched me; as she softly touched my skin to ensure the moment was cared for. It was as if each hair that was cut, was an offering to life that simply said, “thank you for allowing me to serve, so that life might continue to be the miracle that it is.”

You see, the moment was the moment, so that the moment could be the moment. She wasn’t using the moment to solve a future moment. There was just a genuine joy, for being able to share what she was; her natural feminine quality that nurtured a masculine quality. We danced, without even saying many words. We didn’t need to distract ourselves by ‘trying to connect’ which actually happens quite often in a salon type setting.

I could sense her intuitive caring. In fact, it’s the sole inspiration for this writing. It reminded me of mine, my own feminine quality that deeply cares for the heart of another. As her fingers gently stroked my face as she was trimming my beard, I felt her intuitive sense that was checking for anywhere where she might still be able to express this deep caring. There was no rush, because the point was not about completing, the point was to be there and give yourself fully. This is starting to sound orgasmic. Naturally, we are all just making love with one another in the most creative ways beyond socially conditioned ideas of intimacy.

The Ultimate Advantage in Business

The more present we are, the more we clearly understand the function of our being, and why it is we really desire to do what we desire, the more intuitive we become. We fall into alignment with what we really are, with life, and in this… life guides the way in the most powerful way imaginable. Simply put, it’s magic. In this, we don’t have to figure out the future with a degree of certainty, we can trust the authentic connection that connects us to all that is.

This is the ultimate advantage in business, in life, in ourselves; for both polarities of feminine and masculine. The gateway to allow for the expression and fulfillment of all things desired in the depths of our most sincere heart frequency. Intuitive caring, is what life is already doing; it is, what you already are.

Authentically connect with the truth of this, the truth of you, and all else will come into perfect alignment to allow for the perfect unfolding of what you desire most.

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